If you’re a bow hunter getting within range is essential.  The choices are obvious–either you lie in wait and hope the game will come your way or you approach the game, which means stalking it.  Ambush hunting is not as complex as stalking specially the kind we recommend with our shields – open field stalking.

In parts of the country where you have vast flat lands and short grasses, as in the Great Plains states, there is little natural cover and getting within range can be daunting for bowhunters.  You can spent an entire day behind a bush on a thinly grassed field just 100 yards from a big buck, waiting for him to drift my way and he rarely ever does. This leaves you with one option and that’s stalking. 

Warrior Shield is designed for bowhunting. It can give you cover while closing in and it also masks your drawback movement when you’re within range. Here are some pointers for successful open field stalking with the Warrior Shield:

  • Check the wind and approach from uphill in the morning when thermals are rising.
  • Start fast and close in as quickly as you can without the shield until you’re within 150 yards. 
  • Stop, get the shield out of your backpack and attach it to your bow (this takes about a minute)
  • Pause for a couple of minutes behind the shield to blend in and let the buck get used to seeing the shield
  • Move very slowly and quietly in a straight line. Minimize vertical and letteral movements.
  • Pause frequently and check the buck’s behavior. If the buck looks nervous, be patient. Stay motionless until things calm down before proceeding.

Wind is usually a factor as the plains are rarely calm, and shooting a bow with the shield attached can be tricky. We have make a number of wind slits in the shield to minimize the wind effect so it can be used in low to moderate wind conditions.  

Finally, remember that stalking is an acquired skill.  It takes practice, experience and patience. Practice stalking and shooting your bow with the shield attached preferably in low to moderate windy conditions so you’re prepared for everything.

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