Bowhunting Shields are our latest products just introduced to the market.  The new features we added follow our philosophy of tactical flexibility and a proactive approach to hunting.  These features include shoot-through capability for bowhunters and attachable game images.

There are two types of shields. The larger one, InstaShield, is for open fields and the smaller one, the Warrior Shield, is for sparsely vegetated areas or whenever you need quick cover.  Both are pop-open, lightweight, easy to attach to a bow or crossbow and have many wind slits to minimize wind resistance.

The shields can be used in stationary or stalking mode to mask the archer’s movements while closing in and especially at the crucial moments of drawing. How you use the shields depends on what you’re hunting and where.  In the Northeast or the Midwest, for example, you don’t approach deer with the shield.  If you’re hunting on foot in the woods you don’t move around with the shield attached all the time.  You attach it ONLY when there is no natural cover or when you need cover when drawing.  It takes about 10 seconds to pop it open and attach it to your bow.  Most hunters in these areas use tree stands for deer or bear hunting.  The shields could provide cover in tree stands when drawing back.  As Steve Beckwith, a professional hunting guide with the Maine Hunters TV commented, “The guys always complain about the front safety/gun rest bar draped in camo being in their way to shoot over and having to stand and move carefully with a bear at 15-25 yards below them and not get caught moving or making noise.  Now we can lift the front bar for bow hunters and recommend these to our bow clients and guys can shoot with concealment cover when drawing while sitting down.. less noise and less movement, better opportunity!  I will pick up some nice limb style bow holders, to rest the bow with this set up mounted on it while waiting on stand and then a simple slow move behind the shield to grab the bow and come to full draw…”

In other parts of the country where you have vast flat lands and short grasses, as in the Great Plains states, the shields can be used in a different way.  In these areas where there is little natural cover getting within range can be daunting for bowhunters.  The shields can provide cover for open field stalking when hunting pronghorns or other big game animals.  If our recommended techniques of moving in straight lines and minimizing vertical and lateral movements are followed these shields can be very effective.  These shields can turn the unbroken vistas into bowhunter-friendly terrain. (Please also read out previous post ” Field Stalking with Hybrid Shields”.

Finally, attaching game images is in line with our name, Blind Magnet.  The blind masks your stalking and drawing movements while the image acts as a magnet to the game.  Using the right stalking techniques with game images can be very promising for big game bowhunters.

We strongly believe in safety and highly recommend using the blaze orange that comes with the shields.  We DO NOT RECOMMEND using the game images during any type of rifle season or in the woods.

Can’t wait for the archery season to start–looking forward to your feedback!

Bowhunting Shields are available for purchase at Blind Magnet’s online store