There have been many inquiries about Blind Magnet’s colorful pattern finallogobestfor chukar hunt; why it’s called Blind Magnet, how it works and where the idea comes from.  The idea is so counter intuitive that some people have been very skeptical despite posting videos and pictures on our Facebook. So here are some answers.

The name Blind Magnet captures the essence of this contraption. The blind conceals the hunter and his movements while the colorful pattern attracts the chukar.  Hence the name Blind Magnet.  A very common motif for hunting blinds is a camouflage surface pattern that is meant to blend in with the environment.  By contrast, Blind Magnet is colorful and highly visible.  It’s designed to stand out in the environment and get the attention of certain gamebirds like chukar partridge. The particular combination of the colorful shapes attracts the bird.  Who knows what goes through the bird’s mind.  It’s either hunger as it could represent a potential source of food or just plain curiosity but it does attract the bird particularly in snow.

As to where the idea comes from, chukar have been trapped and hunted in their native habitat in the Middle East long before they were introduced in the United States.  Some ancient tribes have used this type of blind for hunting for centuries.  I have a fascinating theory.  I think the idea comes from tribal women’s customs in the Middle East.  They wear beautiful and highly colorful and ornate costumes and often embellish them with shinny coins or sequins attached to their dress and head scarfs.

Kurds and Lurs, as an ancient people in the Middle East, have had a nomadic life style moving twice a year in search of green pastures for their animals.  While these tribes were on the move, hunting was a source of food as well as sport for men.  When moving through the mountains, women went to local springs to fetch water and realized the chukar would not run away from them and in some cases they approached women looking mesmerized by the colors and the glitter.

I had heard about the colorful blind and how it’s used for hunting chukar several years ago but it was only a couple of years ago when I decided to try it.  After several hunting expeditions in Utah, Nevada and California, trying different structural and pattern designs, I came up with a design which is not only lightweight, portable and maneuverable but it has the right combination of colors to attract chukar.  While playing cat and mouse with the chukar at high altitude, I learned how to use the Blind Magnet.  The angle in which you approach, your distance and pace as well as the movements of the blind all play a role in getting close to the bird.  I took some video footage and pictures of my expeditions which are online but the best opportunity I had for showing how well the blind works came last year.  And that’s another story.  I’ll post the story and the techniques for using the blind at a later date.

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