Typically, hunting blinds are stationary and designed to conceal the hunter from the game. In this sense, traditional blinds are passive blinds.  Traditional blinds are placed in locations where birds or animals are likely to be present by concealing the presence of the hunter.  A very common motif for hunting blinds is a camouflage surface pattern that is meant to blend in with the blind’s environment.  By contrast,the mobile blind is colorful and highly visible.  The mobile blind is designed to stand out in the environment. The colorful canvas attracts the gamebirds to the hunter

while also allowing the hunter to approach the gamebirds. This counter-intuitive design is unique as the only blind meant to attract more attention to the blind, while still concealing the hunter.

The Blind Magnet™ pattern attracts certain wildlife including some variety of partridge and particularly chukar partridge. The colorful canvas represents a source of food to the bird particularly in extreme weather like Winter or in drought stricken areas where food is scarce.

Blind Magnet™ works in all terrains and weather conditions, but particularly well in snow.  Certain conditions occur in the winter that make Blind Magnet™ ideal for use.  When snow starts to fall, birds descend to lower elevations and become concentrated in smaller areas, mostly on south-facing slopes and closer to the snow line.  This makes it easier to find the birds.  Also, since chukar and partridges usually live in dry areas, you won’t have to worry as much about getting your vehicle stuck in snow, or hiking through deep snow.

Chukar need three things to survive: cliffs for roosting, shrubby cover near the cliffs, and seeds and grasses to eat.  In winter, when there is snow on the ground and food is scarce, the birds are hungry.  This provides an ideal situation for using Blind Magnet™.  The colorful canvas stands out against the snowy white background and represents a source of food to the hungry birds. Using the right stalking techniques, a whole covey of chukar could gather in front of the blind.